COVID-19 Resources Page – Information for Current, New and Prospective Students and Staff, and HEERF/CARES Act
Las Vegas College has moved to a new location! Located on the North side of 215 and Durango 8410 N. Rafael Rivera Way Las Vegas, NV 89113

About Las Vegas College

At Las Vegas College, we are one big family. This sense of togetherness, family and community is at the core of Las Vegas College’s existence.  At Las Vegas College, you are never alone. We will be with you every step of the way as you work to fulfill your dream of a successful and promising future in a great new career. Here are the services we offer our students,

Guidance and Advising

At Las Vegas College, our students are very important and we make every student a priority. The staff at Las Vegas College makes every effort to support and maintain close communication with each student. At Las Vegas College we have an open door policy; students enjoy full access to faculty and administrative staff for both academic and vocational advising. Students who require in-depth personal counseling will be referred to the appropriate services. If there is a special need for any student, our staff will make every effort to help or seek the counseling needed for each individual student, at any time! Our students are very important to the Las Vegas College Family.


Our goal at Las Vegas College is for every student to be a graduate. If you need help, please contact the Director of Education. The Director of Education schedules tutoring in various courses, as it is needed by students. At Las Vegas College our staff will do everything possible to see every student succeed in their chosen course of study.

Student Activities

Las Vegas College understands our students are busy people. Many students commute to school; others juggle work schedules and family obligations. But we also like to celebrate our Las Vegas College family! Extracurricular activities include Student Appreciation and Faculty Appreciation Days and Holiday Celebrations.

Student Employment

At Las Vegas College, we know our students work hard, which is why we offer job-placement assistance for students who are working their way through school  The Placement Department at Las Vegas College assists students with obtaining part-time or full-time employment in order to meet living expenses during their school training. Please note, however, that these jobs are usually not in the field for which the student is being trained, but in service, merchandising, general labor and custodial work.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Las Vegas College welcomes prospective students with disabilities that are seeking special accommodations. Las Vegas College will make every effort to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities; we understand, and want to help whenever it is possible. Please contact our Campus Director to find out more about the programs designed to help our special needs students and what we can do to provide you with a great education and the tremendous training needed to succeed!

Policies of transferring credits from other institutions:

Prospective students who have earned credit at other institutions must furnish an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office to apply for transferring credits. Transferring credits must be approved prior to being scheduled for the course in order to receive credit. Obtaining transcripts from other institutions, and associated fees, are the responsibility of the student.